‘To Heal the Sick’ is a remarkable story brought to life by the Author Jane Dean. The book includes voices of fellow student nurses as they embarked upon their chosen career in Preston during the 1960’s. The NHS was twenty years old and the narrative gives a contemporary view of student nurse training at the time. Jane describes how the introduction of a university style of education and training for nurses has made their own experiences unrecognisable today.

The personal stories describe the impact training had on unsophisticated young women but prepared them for the rigours of life ahead working both at home and abroad.

‘To Heal the Sick’ ranks highly in the portfolio of books examining the social history not only Preston, but of provincial hospitals throughout the country. Furthermore this original concept describing nursing in the 1960’s, encompasses plenty of new material, hitherto not in the public domain. The book will appeal widely to different tastes, not just to nurses and social historians but to those simply interested in a national health service.


David J Hindle
MA Author and Historian

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Jane Dean was a nurse, midwife and part-time lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has many years experience of working within the NHS.

She can be emailed at janeidean@hotmail.com.